Issue Five

Letter from the Editors

Issue Five Mix 

Legett’s Folly 
Richard Bosch
Powering the Intimate Body of the Galvanic Couple 
Betsy LH
Unenlightening Lightning Robert Stagg
1822 (0x71E) Stephanie Boland

The Author is a Machine: An Interview with Michael Joyce
Telling Stories: An Interview With Neil Bartlett

Nobody Liked Robert Q Ayesha Siddiqi
Extract from ‘Lovings’ Richard Kostelanetz
The Electric Storm Inside Me Paul McMichael
Four Poems DS Maolalaí
A Thunderstorm on the Heath Gill Haigh
Emilia T Bibas

While there is no lack of most excellent text-books for the study of those branches of Electricity which are above the elementary stage, there is a decided need of text-books which shall explain, in simple language, to young people of, say, fourteen years and upward, a general outline of the science, as well as the ground-work of those electrical inventions which are to-day of such vast commercial importance. There is also a need for such a book among a large part of the adult population, for the reason that there have been great and radical changes in this science since the time they completed their studies, and they have not the time to follow up the subject in the advanced books. As instances of those changes just spoken of, the electric light, telephone, and storage batteries may be mentioned, which have been developed during the last ten or twelve years, with the result of adding very many features that were entirely new to electricians. With these ideas in view I have prepared this little volume. It is not intended, in the slightest degree, to be put forward as a scientific work, but it will probably give to many the information they desire without requiring too great a research into books which treat more extensively and deeply of this subject.