A Note on Time


So here’s what happened first: one of us was back in Chicago. Or, at least, we’re fairly sure that’s what happened first. Thinking about it now, maybe the first thing was actually the month where one of us and another of us got new jobs. We remember going into the office dark and leaving only once it was dark again, but was that before one of us was back in Chicago? When he became properly back in Chicago? Or was he only really back in Chicago proper, as in less accessible, actually a real ocean away, once the other two had the jobs to do?

As an editorial team, we’ve tried to remain committed to a schedule which gives us enough time to seek out weird, thoughtful work while also producing regular issues for your all-important reading pleasure. For our first year, we uploaded on the 25th of every other month, even if it took us all night. Not infrequently, it did.

Reader, a confession: we can’t keep it up at this rate. As we say, we’re currently split by the Atlantic, and the two of us who remain in London have taken on work which makes an impossibility of the late-night Skype call (what we have gained in mediation and subediting do not quite make up for it). Until Justin comes home, we’re in touch only in snatches. There is a lot of ‘message read’ ticks; there is less time on video. A recent problem on our web server took weeks, rather than hours, to fix.

But this isn’t your problem. What matters is that we continue to put out the good stuff: the essays, poetry and fiction which Don’t Do It is known — by a few, at least — for. We don’t wish to compromise on quality.

What sounds a bit like quality? Quarterly.


From this month, we’ll be swapping to a quarterly magazine. We’ll still be publishing the same work, with just as idiosyncratic production values and enigmatic prefaces. We will, hopefully, have more time to read and respond to your submissions, and work with you on essays. We will be back on top of our inboxes and ready to shape four immaculate issues a year.

Don’t worry, reader. You don’t have to start calling us DDIQ or anything like that. Just keep an eye on the calendar for the rest of the 2015 issues, which will be out in May, August and November.

Any other developments and we’ll yell.

We remain forever


The Editors